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Tile Design Ideas

If you have ever seen a bathroom with tiled walls half way up, or wainscot, it may have struck you as a piece of artwork. Wainscot can be seen in many types installations using a great assortment of tile designs. You may have seen it in restaurant bathrooms because it is easy to keep clean and water won't damage it. It can be used to add some zip to your bathroom at home...like bringing the tile out from the shower and carrying it around all the walls. You can get really creative here and make a dramatic effect using special tile patterns or incorporating different types of tile to create a unique masterpiece.

When considering a tile wainscot, there are a few items to keep in mind. For example, keeping the tile below any electrical switch is a common place to stop the tile. You can go above the switch, just make sure the tile clears the electrical switch and the cover plate sits on tile. The idea is not have any switch,plug or other items to sit half on tile and half off. It just doesn't look right and takes away from the design. Take a look around your bathroom walls to check for any possible areas that have to be considered. This is considered to be part of tile layout. It will only take a few minutes and will make a huge diffence in the end result!

Tile layout is critical to make sure your idea works and finishes correctly not only on paper but do some layout on the walls. Take your time and check your measurements. ceramictilepro tip: let's say you have a 4x4 tile that you want to put on diagonal...well, the true size of that 4x4 is 6 inches because you're putting it on diagonal. There is close to 2 inches difference there which is about half the height of a electrical box. The key here is to not have any surprises during the tilesetting installation. Know exactly where that tile is going to stop and keep those surprises from bumming you out.

Black and White

18x18 Polished Travertine

Water Damage Shower Repair

16x24 Chiseled Edge Travertine

12x12 Tumbled Travertine

12x12 Porcelain Tile with Metal 2x2 Dots

18x18 Porcelain tile with Granite Accent and Decorative Inlay Tile
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